Monday, November 2, 2009

GW Stockholm 10 years!!

Hey and hello.

I were in Stockholm during the weekend, and of course I HAD to check out the 10 years anniversary.
When i walked up the street ouside the "Galleria" I saw a man in eldar (saim-hann, i think) dress heading for the shop, and when i came a little bit closer, I saw a pouring flood of people running into the building, and even if it already was extremely crowded, everyone seemed to find a last centimeter of room.
Even me and my friend managed to get in!

Both Jes Godwinn, one of the studios best designers, and Anja Wettergren, a swedish éavy metal painter was there, anja showing her paintjobs, and Jes walking around (i didnt see what he did).

I took a few walks arond the shop, and then stoped in front of anjas models, my favourite was - without any doubt - the dreadlord, same dreadlord who appeared in the WD in the masterpainter article about her.

I wanted to buy some FW models but i didnt have the money :-(, actually i only bought one model and some paint and greenstuff.

Im noy going to say what model i bought, but i will show HIM when finished here on the blog so, keep your eyes open!

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