Tuesday, October 13, 2009


A little story from yesterday:

Im walking out to my garage, shaking the spraycan and putting the unprimed models in a box, i spray them and come back after a couple of hours. ONE ARM MISSING???
How can this be? is it my neighbour? an evil rat? I dont have a damn clue :/.

So, my question is: any of u that know how to make something from this?

help me plzzz

Idrastus, chaplain of the 2nd company

Hey lads.

Finished with the painting of Idrastus earlier today and must say that im pretty happpy with the results, for u who are interested, the Crozius arcanum was made of one of these powermaces from the DA veteran box, and an icon from said box.
So, whats your thoughts about him? how can I improve him (I feel that something important is missing, but cannot find what).

Cheers! :-)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Chaplain idrastus, and more reinforcements!

Chaplain idrastus has arrived, and with him terminators and even more tcatical marines, reinforcements!! Idrastus was made using a lot of old bitz lying around and im happy to have a chaplain made without paying a single coin!


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Captain Eric Oeth - dark masons 2nd company

Hey again, finally managed to finish that captain, and here he is! (aslo thanks to master darksol for giving me that chaptername ;-).)

As u can see, hes wielding a lighning claw, i alreday had one of the original AOBR captains so i wanted to give this one his own weapon.

Enjoy the pics and plz say what u think!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

What im working on.

This is what im working at right by now, AOBR, orks and also some test-nids.
Do u like the orks? Rawer and tougher than the normal ones huh? I, using a black palette, lots of washes and stuff right by now, dunno why, but thats how it is.
Hope u like those!