Tuesday, August 11, 2009

And here is..... CHOKOMAN!!

Hey, finaly me and my friend made it, a single blog! I will start by fixing a gallery of my favourite modells, enjoy! (sorry for the bad pictures, need to buy a new camera)

Sternguard veteran painted as one of my beloved dark angels.

Camo - dark angels with heavy bolter? Isn´t the hole "camo" thing about being quiet? I dont know but damn they look good!

The terminator seargent from AOBR with sword from the DA veteran box, painted it with a technuiqe i got from "allthings40k". The knee badge is from a campaign led by Belial, i dont remember its name...? Anyone who does?

And here´s the Dreadnought from AOBR, i really love that box, i think i saved about 350$ when i bought it, a must have box!! Back to the model, i tried to make it look like a "libby-dreaddy" and im pretty satified with the result. The armour was basecoated in DA green and then drybrushed with scorpion green and chainmail, finished with a DA green wash. Thoughts?

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