Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dark Reaper Exarch finished

Hey, finished my reaper exarch for a while ago but i´ve been on vacation so i haven´t got any time til´ now.
I really enjoy playing with the dark reapers as they are DAMN good at taking down MEQ at a safe distans. The reaper launchers is simply awesome.
I´m very proud over the basing, you can´t see it here but it´s glittering like water!
The shoulder-skull turned out well to. Enjoy!

Friday, August 14, 2009

2 done, 3 more to go!

Here´s the Dark reapers that i bought earlier this week.
I think these guys are fairly underestimated. Well, they´re not cheap stuff so do onlu use them if you know that you can spare enough points.
I have played a few games with them already, and found that they NEVER lost more than 1 member and ALWAYS killed atleast 1 enemy squad.
The reaper launchers are one of the best Anti-marine weapons that i know, 2 S5 ap3 shots is DEATH to Space marines. I think that my blog-keeper knows that too (Moahaha).
Another good but pricey option is their Exarch that can field the totally apocalyptic tempest launcher, 2 S4 ap3 BLAST shots. oh my good...
For a few points less he can also bring an eldar missile launcher, but i dont think that it work as good as the tempest due to its low rate of fire.

As all other Exarch he can also buy some interesting abilities, but none of these do actually help the squad he is in, fast shot increases HIS rate of fire and crack shot allows HIM to re-roll to wound and HIM to ignore cover saves. (selfish guy, isn´t he?)
Well, as i mentioned above, 2 Dark reapers done, 3 to go.
The paintjob isn´t very special. chaos black undercoat with a fortress grey highlight followed by skull white, helmet is bestial brown basecoat and then worked up to bleached brown.
The gun was basecoated in scabred followed by a highlight of 3/1 scab red and skull white.
What do you think of them?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Timber!! Watch out for falling Carnifexes!
Your daily amount of warhammer humor :D Enjoy!


Hey again, I´ve got some trouble with how to paint alaitoc eldar and banshees.
I think that i will buy some eldar now when i have money to do it. Anyone that has any eldar/alatoc experiense? HELP ME!!

And here is..... CHOKOMAN!!

Hey, finaly me and my friend made it, a single blog! I will start by fixing a gallery of my favourite modells, enjoy! (sorry for the bad pictures, need to buy a new camera)

Sternguard veteran painted as one of my beloved dark angels.

Camo - dark angels with heavy bolter? Isn´t the hole "camo" thing about being quiet? I dont know but damn they look good!

The terminator seargent from AOBR with sword from the DA veteran box, painted it with a technuiqe i got from "allthings40k". The knee badge is from a campaign led by Belial, i dont remember its name...? Anyone who does?

And here´s the Dreadnought from AOBR, i really love that box, i think i saved about 350$ when i bought it, a must have box!! Back to the model, i tried to make it look like a "libby-dreaddy" and im pretty satified with the result. The armour was basecoated in DA green and then drybrushed with scorpion green and chainmail, finished with a DA green wash. Thoughts?