Friday, November 6, 2009

Captain Cato Sicarius

Ladies and Gentlemen, guys and girls, here is, my secret model... Captain... Cato... Sicarius!
Former captain over the Ultramarines 2nd company, and now the Dark Masons Chapter Master. :-D

This is what i practised blending for, and i actually think that he is the best model ive ever painted.
In the beginning I painted him in the Dark Masons colour but it simply didnt give me the right feeling, i mena he IS an Ultramarine, and he WEARS the mantle of the suzerein so...

If anyone is interested, i panted the armour in the following way:

start with enchanted blue all over the armour except on the shadowed zones (I held him under a lamp to see were the shadows fell) and then give it a heavy badab black was, then apply more blue a bit over the dark blue, then wash again (all over, to darken the first layer even more) then pure enchanted blue.
After that, i strtaed to blend in ice blue and worked up to pure ice blue. For the final highlight: Skull white.

Gold was painted like this:

Dwarf bronze basecoat, heavy Badab black and Devlan mud wash. then highlight with Dwarf bronze and then work it up through shining gold and chainmail.


6 5 4 4 3 6 3 10 2+ (4++)

Wargear: Iron halo, plasma pistol, Frag and Krak, Mantle of the Suzerein (artficer armour, bestows Feel no Pain upon Sicarius), Talassarian tempest blade (power weapon, can in lieu to normal attacks make a single S 6 atk that inflicts instant death).

Special rules: And they shall know no fear, Combat tactics, Independent character, Rites of battle (every space marine can use sicarius Ld for pinning- and morale tests), Surprise attack (can re-roll the D6 for seizing initiative) and battle forged heroes (a tactical squad in sicarius army may have one of the following: counter attack, scouts, infiltrate or tank-hunters.

I think that this may fit well in my infantery-based army, maybe leading an honour guard (remember that he is the Dark Masons chapter master) or a vanguard squad, well see.

If u want to know anything else regarding the paintjob or the model, just post a comment ;)

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